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Forex Trading Advance Course – Learn how to make Passive income in Forex Trading.

What you get from Full Forex Trading Advance Course

  • Learn 2-4 proven FOREX Trading Strategies that you can apply immediately
  • Master the MT4 Trading platform. Read charts and learn to maximize the available charting tools successfully.
  • We’ll GO LIVE and execute actual trades during the training day and apply the trading strategies
  • Learn how to put together an effective Trading Plan and master the art of money management.
  • Learn how to simulate a trade before executing it effectively. Go over numerous exercises to better understand platform dynamics. Take home tips and tricks to effectively reduce unforced errors in trading.

Fundamental Analysts – Trading based on News

Zero in on a high-yield strategy that has proven to be rewarding. Trading the News is a risky endeavor, but having the right trading plan dramatically reduces the risks involved.

  • Learn first hand how you can profit from important news releases around the world
  • Know the most important news events to watch out for and how to prepare the appropriate trading plan and how to properly execute the news trade.
  • We’ll GO LIVE and review the market to understand further the effect of economic news on our trades by revisiting major news releases and identifying the variety of effects it had on the major currency pairs.
  • Learn the various News Trading strategies such as Trend watching, News Reversal, News Straddling, Scalping, Dual Spike Breakout, and Initial Spike Fade.
  • Get access to the Worlds Economic calendar and understand which news event move the market.

Content of  Full Forex Trading Course:

Day 1ForexSeminar2
1.What is Forex
2.Risk Management
3.Money Management
4.How to choose the Right Broker House
5.How to use Meta Trader 4
6.Fundelmental & Teachnical Analist
7.Our way to view Support & Resistance

  • Trade with Zone
  • Dominant Candle
  • Doji
  • Yesterday High Low
  • Trend Line

Day 2
1.Counting Probability Strategy
2.Understanding of the Market behavior

  • Day behavior
  • Hour
  • Price
  • Volume
  • Candle Saiz

3.Wave Pattern
4.Candlestick Pattern
5.Chart Pattern

Day 3
1.How to Trade with System.
2.Strategy on Trading.
3.Group Creating & Trading in a group of 3.
4.Market Review.

Course Fees : 1500USD ( Each FOREX Trading course limited to 2-5 students per class only).

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