Learn how to make Massive income from Forex Trading

What you can learn from our beginner workshop.

1. The Power of Leverage – how you can use the Leverage to invest and trade in Forex, Gold & Commodities in the global market by paying only 5% – 10% of the price. That means you can make your Returns 10 to 20 times faster.

2. How you can Make Money even when the Market is down/up, just like the Professionals.

3. How you can protect your investment/trading with our in House Simple Method & Strategy skills .

4. What does it take for you to earn a Consistent Income stream from trading the market –

5. How you can start becoming a Successful market trader!

6. Introduction business opportunities available in the market and much more !!

7.Exact Usage and examples of the principles and strategies used in the Forex market.

8.Provide very powerful simple method to let you start earning money from market !!!

  • Get an accelerated learning experience of basic FOREX Trading.
  • Learn the secrets of the wealthy Hedge Fund Managers in Wall Street.
  • Know the difference between stocks, bonds, mutual funds and FOREX.
  • Understand how Economics and FOREX interact.
  • Understand how GDP, interest rates, inflation, and natural disasters affect FOREX and how traders trade the news.
  • Learn how you can profit from the Bear and Bull Market.
  • Learn the pitfalls of FOREX Trading and how to avoid them.
  • Get the secrets behind proper money management techniques.
  • Avoid Forex scams.

Speaker Background

1)8 Years full of experience Trader.
2)Vice President of Malaysia Trader Organization.
3)Traderpips Education Founder.
4)Over 2000 student learn from him.
5) Successful train up 30 full time trader and each of them having own strategy & method and they trading together.
6)All his income 100% from market !