Forex Scam, True or False ?

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Forex Scam, True or False ?

” Forex Scam, True or False ”

Recently I had exposured a lot of people getting interested to the Forex market through some third party such as Forex brokers and friends of theirs who used trading program to make money. I feel it’s necassary to let the viewer of our page to alert of such things

1.) Introductory Broker –
Recently there has been a lot of introductory forex brokers marketing their package to get customer to open account with them, with the promise they will pr

ovide training and support to the beginner forex traders on how to trade.After the beginner forex trader put in thousand of dollars into the account, they are left trading alone without any proper training and knowledge. What happens is that the brokers will make a lot of comission from the spreads of the trades made by the beginner trader, plus all the loosing trades done by them. The brokers are happy tat the beginner are making more loosing trades and the more spread comissions they get.So before anyone actually started putting your hard earned money into real trading, please judge the training the broker will provide before jumping in. It’s always best to learn proper trading knowledge from real forex traders who provide proper trading training, so you are learning the right way.

2.) Trading Program by Friends
I also saw a lot of people posting their profitable trades showing they make a lot of money from their trading on Facebook recently, and ask others to contact them.

To be truth, I am not against using trading program to do Forex trading but one must be experience enough to do manual trading before using trading program. Trading program is always a “Holygrail system” in the Forex world, and countless people lost their way in search for the perfect trading system. When the trading program fails, the trader will get lost and no trading experience will be learn.

I would like to emphasize that Forex trading is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme” and no beginner will become very successful unless they are properly train in the field of trading. Successful traders take years of experiences and discipline training to even become profitable consistently.

Although there are some trading program really do deliver profitable traders to the user, but ask yourself what are you missing out by letting program do the trading for you? One year of 100% profit in money but one year of loss potential knowledge and experiences?

I am not single out any party or person that get involve with these kind of scam, but just want to alert people who are beginning to take interest in Forex trading knows what are the proper path to become a consistent profitable trader. Just be alert and good luck on your journey.

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