” Property Investment in Johor Bahru, Malaysia”

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” Property Investment in Johor Bahru, Malaysia”

” Property Investment in Johor Bahru, Malaysia”
Iskandar is a hot investment area for overseas property investors these days, but Johor Bahru has a lot of land and not all housing area is good for investment. Below are few of my recommendation for investment in Johor Bahru as it’s just next to Singapore through the Tuas entry point.

1.) Bukit Indah – A developed town area where a lot of middle class Malaysian Chinese and Singaporean had bought for long term stay. The Edu City on the map is where Bukit Indah is situated. Surrounding the town are good facilities and shopping malls, is very good for family staying. Typical land house price are around RM 400,000 – RM 800,000.

2.) Horizon Hill – Horizon Hill is just next to Bukit Indah but this residence area is stayed by rich people and foreigners. As this area is surrounded by golf green scenery and the security is very good. Some more is just next to Bukit Indah means can get to enjoy the good facilities and shopping malls around. Typical land house price are above RM 1,000,000.

3.) Danga Bay – This is an upcoming commercial and business hub area in Johor Bahru, currently everything still in development. In the next ten years, this area will be stay by very rich people and foreigners as well have a lot of good facilities and shopping malls. A good investment for long term capital gain. The property here are typical commercial properties.

As far goes, these place would be best for investment for investors who wants their children to study in Singapore and return home during weekends. The trip is only less than 20 minutes from Singapore to Bukit Indah and Horizon Hill. It’s a very stable and safer investment compared to other places.

As for developers, go for SP Setia developer because they are the best and gives a lot of good stuff for new property buyers. Also remember to only buy landed property with freehold only. Don’t buy condo or apartment unless it’s is in the commercial area like Danga Bay.

Humble words from a true property investor.

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